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Recent News: The US Patent & Trademark Office (www.uspto.gov) has accepted our patent application on how "Referral Networks can be created and managed via the Internet" and it is now in the patent pending state!

Although the RDFO search engine is for properties in the US only. We now have a program in place where owners from all over the world can create and join referral networks for only $20 per year. Click here to register your non US property.

RDFO is the only site on the Internet which allows owners to create & manage referral networks. Increase your occupancy by forming or joining a referral network!

For more information about the OHO Referral Network, please go to our information page.

Submit a Referral to your Referral Network

Have a guest who wants to stay in your property but don't have availability? Click HERE to submit the guest information to your RDFO referral network. Remember, all of your submittals are saved which will allow you to easily contact them in the future.

View all OHO Referral Networks

Don't underestimate the power of a referral network. If you are not a member of one you should seriously consider joining one or creating one.

If you created a referral network you can easily change it to a PUBLIC or PRIVATE referral network . Private networks are closed to other owners joining them. We recommend you keep your referral network as public, but you are welcome to change it to private if you do not want any more members in it.

View all your referrals

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This allows you to look at all the referrals you have entered into the system. This can be very useful for contacting people next year to see if they are thinking about returning to your area. A lot of people tend to come back to the same area during the same time of year every year. This is especially true in resort areas.


Send E-Mail to all the members of your Referral Network

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Your message. No spam allowed. If you send spam you may be removed from the referral network.

Remove me from all RDFO Referral Networks

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