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Link to www.rdfo.com from your primary home page (or from a secondary page that is linked to your home page) and get the following benefits:

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If our property did not mach your needs or if we are already booked, then we suggest you try www.rdfo.com to find a property that does match your needs. RDFO (Rent Directly From Owner) has links to thousands of properties which are managed by individual owners.

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Remember: Since your property does not meet the customers needs, linking them back to us will not cost you any business because they were not going to rent your property anyway. If they are not renting your unit because it is already booked, this link may actually generate goodwill and they will be more likely to return to your site for future business. If you really don't want to put the link on your primary page then put it on a secondary page. Perhaps an FAQ page. As all webmasters know, hardly anyone ever reads the FAQ pages (based on the number of questions we get which are answered in the FAQs). However, web crawlers and spiders do go to the FAQ pages (as long as they are linked from your home page).

If you would like to participate in our  link exchange program, please fill out the following form. Once we have verified your link back to www.rdfo.com we will add it to our link page. This usually takes less than 1 business day.

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